The  rainwater  collector  and  purifier  serves  as  an appropriate technology on the basis that the device is small-scale, decentralized, energy-efficient, environmentally sound, and can be produced autonomously at global locations. 
It is a  natural  alternative  to  the  complex  and convoluted  water  filters.  Without  the  need  for  advanced purifying  technology,  our  product  relies  solely  on  its  natural  components  while  still  maintaining the  same  water  purification  rate  as  traditional  filters.
The simple system can be adapted to many locales, and three possible iterations including a funnel design, biomimicry, and a traditional harvester approach are shown above.
Link to the full paper:
A low-cost prototype with Barrett Hazeltine and team members Jonathan Gomez, Brian Tung, Neil Goh.
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